About Us

From the past
  • We have won the "Best HVAC System Design Award" for 2007. The building we designed won the "Best Green Building" for 2008.
  • "World's largest Green Building" for two consecutive years were designed by us.
  • "Only commercial building in the world to have qualified for carbon credit revenue on CDM"
  • "Only building in Asia and second outside USA to have obtained PLATINUM rating on core and cell".
  • Design of "Earth air Tunnel" for alternative cooling technique
  • Design of "multistage indirect evaporative cooling systems" as alternate cooling technique.
  • Design of "Slab cooling" as an alternate cooling technique.
  • Design of "Mission critical facilities" with best energy efficiency.
  • Design of Data center with High energy efficiency.
  • Design of "TFA" with 0.33 kW/TR as against the industries best of 0.8kW/TR
  • Low noise AHU design for critical applications
  • P2 and P3 classified labs with complex BMS system.
  • Design and management of "remote monitoring facility" for system managements using BMS Design of lap with fume hoods.
  • Design of chilled beams & Design of lab with fume hoods. As point 12 & 13.